We are a small company that has been making custom water tanks for all different projects.We have made many custom tanks for all different things whether it was a boat ,4x4, trailers, caravan, motor home or even horse floats. All our materials are made from polypropylene which is very strong and durable also FOOD GRADE and UV protected.we will make your tanks to your sizes and your requirements.we also make anything out of polypropylene ie drip trays and storage boxes or any thing you need in plastic. We will make your custom made water tanks to fit in that unwanted space.So if your building a custom motorhome , custom 4x4 set up then we can do it for you . We are a family run business and all work together with you so we get it right first time every time.


1- all our tanks are UV rated. 

2- they are food grade material. 

3- fittings are welded inside and

out to give a better seal. 

4- they are fully welded inside and outside. 

5- we can make the sizes you want.  

6- they are fully baffled to stop sloshing in the tank. 

7- they have 2 lids to prevent leakage and upwards pressure. 

8- very strong and durable . 

9- we are cheaper than most. 

10- we are friendly easy to work with and very helpful. 

And one more ----reliable